Kids Club

~ Open to ALL kids 13 yrs old and UNDER ~

Every Saturday night ( 4pm-6pm) during the race season we have 1 of the following activities for the kids to participate in :

~ Crafts ~
~ Games ~
~ Coloring Contest ~

Stop by the Kids Club Corner ( behind the turn 1 grandstands/ beside Carbone’s Photo booth to see what activity is planned for that night !!

Coloring Contest Information
1)Your Parent/Legal Guardian must register you at the Kids Club Corner
2) You will then receive your entry form , we will have a table set up with crayons for you to color your picture
3) Turn in your entry BEFORE 5:45pm
4) Stop back at Kids Club Corner at 6:15pm to see if you are a Winner ~ The top 5 Winners will receive a tour of the Pits on the Golf Cart Limo! Good Luck to all Kids!!

Driver of the Week Program
The Kids Club has a Driver of the Week Program, on select Saturday nights a different driver is put in the spotlight! Check out our facebook page to see who our Driver of the Week is!

Victory Lane Celebration
After each feature the Kids Club invites all kids to come to victory lane for a group picture with the feature winner and ONE lucky kid ( whom is in the group picture) will receive an autographed mini frisbee in victory lane!

What does the Kids Club do after the Limo Tour?
By the end of the heat races we are done with that weeks activity; during the feature races we are available to assist Bill Beck ( track Chaplin & Motor Racing Outreach Associated) in providing support to the crew & family of any driver involved in a serious accident. On a weekly basis Bill Beck provides spiritual guidance to the drivers & crews. So God called us to be the hands & feet of Jesus among the fans in the stands.

In addition to our kids club ministry we would like to expand to adult fans also. MRO has some great resources to make that a reality! (You can visit You may ask, “why would you want to minister to those unchurched people?” My answer is simple; Jesus calls us to seek & save the lost. Didn’t Jesus meet with every-day people? You have to bring the church to the people, right where they are.

Would you like to become a part of this? If so there are 3 ways:
1 ) Pray
2 ) Financial Support/donate prizes
3 ) come to the track and support us!

Contact Info
Don Kennedy (330)301-1388

Jess Kennedy (724)815-6766

Visit us on Facebook – MercerRacewayParkKidsClub

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