Frequently Asked Questions


We have never been to The Park and want to know what time we should arrive and what is the schedule for a typical night?

The grandstand gates open at 4 pm. Racing generally begins at 7 p.m. We suggest you arrive between 6-6:30 p.m. to find good seating.

I hear a lot about your Family Pass. What is it and what does it consist of?

Our Family Pass is an affordable option that admits mom, dad, and up to four children (ages 8-15) for just $28 on a regular “Saturday Night Live” event. The children can be neighbors, friends, etc. Children eight and under are always free. Special race event Family Passes range are generally $35.

How is parking conducted at The Park and can you accommodate the Handicapped?

There is no charge for event parking. You can park behind the grandstands with entrances from Home Street and Fairground Road at the side gate in Lots B and C. You can park off of Fairground Road to the right of the pit entrance in Lot D and if the lots fill you may park in Lot E off of Fairground Road across from the pit entrance. Camping is permitted outside the grounds at no charge, but there are no hook-ups. We will do the best we can to accommodate any special parking needs. Restrooms are also handicap accessible.

Are we allowed to bring coolers and food into The Park?

Yes. Although Mercer Raceway Park offers full concessions in both the grandstand and pit areas, you are permitted to bring food and beverages, including beer into The Park. However, no glass bottles are permitted and coolers must be kept off seats and aisles. We recommend keeping coolers to 14″ and under.

What does a regular night of racing consist of?

On a regular “Saturday Night Live” program drivers will get their first chance on the speedway for warm-ups. Various sessions are held for each division and drivers are given only one chance for a couple laps of practice generally between 6:15 and 7 p.m. Following the invocation and national anthem, official racing begins at 7 p.m. with heat races for our six regular divisions, which include Sprint Cars, Outlaw Sprint Warriors, Modifieds, Stock Cars, Mod Lites, and Mini Stocks.

The cars are split up in each division and generally run between two to four heat races per class. These races determine the starting lineup for the feature. If there are more than 24 cars, a B mains/last chance events will be contested to help fill the end of the feature lineup. The features on a regular night are 25 laps for the Sprint Cars, 20 laps for the Outlaw Sprint Warriors and Modifieds, 15 laps for the Stock Cars and Mod Lites, and 12 laps for the Mini Stocks.

Who can enter the pit area and how old must one be?

Any person is permitted to enter the pit area providing they sign the waiver and release. Minors that are under the age of 17 years of age must be accompanied by their parent(s) or legal guardians at all times and complete the Parental Consent, Release & Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, & Indemnity Agreement per event. When in the pit area, please be aware at all times of your surroundings as they can be extremely dangerous. All are welcome to enter the pit area after the racing program is completed in its entirety.

What are the requirements to be able to compete?

You must be 14 years of age for the Mod Lites and Mini Stocks and 16 years of age in the remainder of the classes and cars must meet all safety and rule requirements to compete in a respected division. Rookie drivers are required to start at the tail of each event for a minimum of three weeks or longer at officials discretion.

How can my kids meet their favorite drivers and see the cars up close?

During the season, we have two “Meet Your Heroes” Nights. The cars are brought onto the speedway during intermission and everyone is permitted to go onto the track for pictures and autographs of their favorite drivers. Some of the drivers are also accessible after the races at their individual pit areas once the final event has completed or you may be able to catch a driver walking through the grandstand area.

I really enjoyed the races. Is there a way I can purchase photos from the night

Yes. Mercer Raceway Park’s official photographer, Toni Carbone, takes photos at each event. Carbone Motorsports Photography has a photo stand which is located under the grandstands by the concession area on race night. You may also order photos through their web site at Carbone Motorsports Photography

We were at the races and the event was officially canceled. You announced that rain checks would be honored, but cannot return on those designated dates. Can we get our money back?

Like other facilities, we cannot offer cash refunds. However, if you cannot return for the scheduled make-up event(s), simply call our office at 724-662-1310 during the week and we will try to accommodate you with tickets to another event. Tickets may not be comparable in value to the event you attended.

I would like to get my father some tickets for the races for his birthday. Can I get him tickets that are good for any night?

Yes, you have a choice of purchasing complimentary passes for $13 each (or $11 if he is over 60), which will admit your father to any non-special race event.

I noticed that people drive their vehicles in and watch from the cars. How can I do this?

There are approximately 46 reserved season viewing parking spots. Those that currently occupy the spot have the right of first refusal for the new season. If they do not renew, those currently on the waiting list have the first chance to purchase the spot. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list please call our office at 724-662-1310.

I see you have VIP suites. Can I get one or rent one for a night?

The suites can be rented on a nightly basis or for the season. They comfortably accommodate 10 with central air/heat and can be catered. A nightly rental is $150, which does not include admission tickets. We can customize a deal for you the will include tickets. If you’re interested, please call our office at 724-662-1310.

I would like to have a night at the races for my business and employees. How can I do this?

We can put a corporate night together for your business, which offers your employees and important customers a great night of fellowship and exciting entertainment. At the same time, your company can receive a tremendous amount of exposure at a reasonable cost. For more information, call our office at 724-662-1310.

People always ask me for schedules at work. Can I get some to hand out or display?

Yes we’d be glad to give you schedules so people can pick them at your place of employment. Thousands of brochures are distribute each year all over western PA and eastern Ohio so we’d be happy to have you display them for us. Just come to the track office and ask for schedules.