Owner: Bill Altman – (724) 321-8782
Track Manager: Frank Benic – (724) 699-1260
Race Director: Jimmy Dutko
Secretary: Delores Altman
Office: Marilyn Benic, Jamie Love
Concession Manger: Josh Sterns
Announcer: Mike Dutko
Press Releases: Lou Long
Social Media and Web Site Manager: Paul Oyler
Tech Inspector: Larry Rife – (724) 854-0814
Flagman: Bryan Wagner
Assistant Flagman: Jeff Lockhart
Scorers: Jimmy Dutko, Barb Schuller
Points and Registration:
Lineups: William Whitzell
Pit Steward: William Whitzell
Gate Line-Ups: Matt Peters
Weighmaster: Cody Manners
Scoreboard: Betty Long
General Admission Ticket Sellers: Bob McClay, Ceil Vance, John Vesco, Sally Vesco
Ticket Taker: Clair Mizner,
Pit Pass Sellers: Dave Patakie, John Altman, Shelby Cox, Angie Yoder
Fuel Attendant: Tiffany Brest
Head of Security: Bill Vance
Track Prep: Wayne Sheets, Frank Benic, Mike Roddy, Jim Beers
Maintenance: Mark Spence
Pace Vehicle Driver: Bill Hunter
Welder: Bill Beck
Photographer: Toni Carbone – (724) 714-5088
Ambulance: Noga
Safety Director: Jeff Lockhart
Fire: Mercer East End, Jefferson Township, Pine Twp.