Boyd and Fulton Victors in Winter Speedfest at Mercer Raceway Park

Mercer, PA (January 5, 2014): After dominating most of the Jack Frost 150 at Mercer Raceway Park, Fredonia’s Ron Boyd, Jr. needed a little luck to overtake his teammate, Ryan Boyd, and capture the big win. Tyler Fulton turned in the performance of his life, lapping the entire field in the Snowflake 25 for the Mini Stock division.

The Boyds started deep in the 54 car field. Winner Ron was 38th on the grid, and Ryan was in 40th. At the drop of the green, Ron went to the outside of the track, and he methodically worked his way past the heavy traffic.

While the Boyds were working their way forward, there was a tight battle for the lead. The early laps of the event were led by Aaron Hill, who grabbed the point from his second starting spot. Skip Lindemuth came from twelfth and challenged Hill. Brian Sprague was also in the mix. Indeed, he took the lead away from Hill after a dozen laps were completed. Lindemuth snuck past him on lap fifteen, but he could not open any distance on his rivals. Sprague rallied back to regain the lead. He brought Hill to the fore, and Hill passed Sprague after two more circuits.

By now, the high-flying Boyd, Ron that is, was ready to make his move. He seized control of the event on lap 20, with Hill and Milbert running close behind. Sprague fell to fourth, and enduro meister Tim Gillette ran in fifth. Gillette advanced as far front as third, before dropping out of the race.

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